Who’s in Charge?

Who’s in charge of YOUR life?

If It’s Not YOU, It Should Be…

You are moving up and out of the density of a world that focuses on what is dark, hard, wrong, lacking etc. Information depressing your hopes, desires, and self love isĀ  beamed at you non-stop by a world that you have given power to by believing it is the way life is. Wrong. It is is only that way because you continue to feed it being that way, therefore perpetuating its existence.

FEAR. FEAR. FEAR. It keeps you immobilized. Can you consider the possibility that you don’t have to live in fear, darkness, and lack? You were taught by influences outside of you to look at what’s wrong. How much time in your day do you immerse yourself in what is right, true, loving, and kind.

Determination will help you succeed in leaving behind what stealsĀ  joy and love. Committing, no matter what, to kick dark thoughts to the curb when they arise in your thinking is imperative.

Learning how your thoughts control you, how the negative language you use keeps you married to what you don’t want, and that your life is peppered with proof of your beliefs can change your world.

The insidious nature of hopelessness extinguishes your zest for the life that exists beyond the limited world you believe in.

The TRUTH is: NO ONE CONTROLS YOUR THOUGHTS (therefore your life) BUT YOU!

It may be easier to blame the world outside of you for your circumstances, but that’s not how it works. Righteous indignation over your circumstances feeds the wrong wolf. Clean up your internal world, your thoughts, limiting beliefs, and sense of victimhood and your outside world changes.

Ascending through darkness takes fortitude.

The only way to change your life, is to change you.

The only way to change you, is through self-love.

It is the only way to live, naturally.