Wake up Call 101

Determination and Commitment

Creating Basics

 Do you believe the following statements?

What You Focus On, You Create

What You Feed Grows

What You Resist, Persists

Do you believe the above declarations hold truth, until you face a hurdle that questions their validity? Do you then ignore and turn back to what we see as the problem?

When turning  from these truths what are you using your sense of determination on? Is it to remain a prisoner, focusing on feeding what you resist changing?

It takes commitment to unerringly return and focus on fulfillment of your desire, NO MATTER WHAT the outside world shows you. The Divine will take care of the details whether you know what they are or not.

What you have a deep desire for can not be part of your life  if you persists in focusing on  the outside world as your reality. You don’t believe the reality of what you desire coming to pass. You believe what you see and do not commit to seeing what you believe.

What you feel about yourself that you do not love unconditionally will lead you astray of the desire you want filled. It doesn’t feel it deserves it and doesn’t want to change from what it knows.

Unwavering and vigilant determination that the basic framework of your desire is manifesting with an even greater outcome than you yourself can imagine tips the scales in your favor in manifesting. You  have to continually return to keeping it there.

Giving in to every thought that leads you astray from your Divine desire negates creating it. Each time you turn back creates  remaining in the reality you choose. For that moment anyway. The secret is as soon as you turn to trusting in what you want to manifest, what you turned from begins to loose creative power.

Example: You desire good health.

“I am sick” You think, speak, and identify with sick. Very natural when challenged by health issues. It is vital to reconnect to the knowledge you are NOT your illness.

You make a statement of your body being healthy. Very shortly after you go back to thinking about and focusing on what hasn’t changed, what is still a challenge. You feed the belief of your illness, not your emerging health. The objective is not to deny the illness but not to let it take the reins of who you are.

The language you use with your self either supports or negates your healing. Repeatedly making choices in thought, word, and deed that return you to holding and ultimately creating health are imperative.

Seeing yourself as a marvelous body returning to vibrant health is far more supportive than repeatedly referring to “your illness” in your thoughts, words, and actions.

Language and your association with it and how you speak to yourself with powerful undermining or supportive thoughts is a place to begin observations that will help you maintain resolve in evolving out of what isn’t working.

Self-love if not part of the equation will ultimately undermine your resolve. You have to love each and every part of you, every thought, every defeatist attitude, EVERY part that you have not embraced.

When you decide firmly and consistently to return to what is the health you are manifesting, your reality begins to change.

This requires steps that are unique for each one of us. What is common for all of us, and required, is spending more and more time feeling the brief moments of our desire and consistently returning to and building upon them.

Returning to health does require physical actions as well. Changing how you treat your body, what you eat, what you drink, what thoughts you feed yourself, are a place to start. How you associate with nourishing yourself is also important.

Ultimately surrendering to the greatest outcome, no matter what that appears as, takes understanding of the many dimensions of healing. You gain knowledge one breath, thought, moment, at a time.

Single-mindedness, firmness of purpose, resoluteness, willpower, and strength of character should be your constant companions in all you strive for and do.

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”                

00t/20/arve/g2327/054Ralph Waldo Emerson






Who’s in Charge?

Who’s in charge of YOUR life?

If It’s Not YOU, It Should Be…

You are moving up and out of the density of a world that focuses on what is dark, hard, wrong, lacking etc. Information depressing your hopes, desires, and self love is  beamed at you non-stop by a world that you have given power to by believing it is the way life is. Wrong. It is is only that way because you continue to feed it being that way, therefore perpetuating its existence.

FEAR. FEAR. FEAR. It keeps you immobilized. Can you consider the possibility that you don’t have to live in fear, darkness, and lack? You were taught by influences outside of you to look at what’s wrong. How much time in your day do you immerse yourself in what is right, true, loving, and kind.

Determination will help you succeed in leaving behind what steals  joy and love. Committing, no matter what, to kick dark thoughts to the curb when they arise in your thinking is imperative.

Learning how your thoughts control you, how the negative language you use keeps you married to what you don’t want, and that your life is peppered with proof of your beliefs can change your world.

The insidious nature of hopelessness extinguishes your zest for the life that exists beyond the limited world you believe in.

The TRUTH is: NO ONE CONTROLS YOUR THOUGHTS (therefore your life) BUT YOU!

It may be easier to blame the world outside of you for your circumstances, but that’s not how it works. Righteous indignation over your circumstances feeds the wrong wolf. Clean up your internal world, your thoughts, limiting beliefs, and sense of victimhood and your outside world changes.

Ascending through darkness takes fortitude.

The only way to change your life, is to change you.

The only way to change you, is through self-love.

It is the only way to live, naturally.